Although the U.S. divorce rate has hit a 50 year low, there are plenty of couples still struggling in their relationships. There will always be conflicts— from little arguments to larger fights, but if they seem to be a constant struggle, then it’s time to seek help.

Couples therapy is an excellent way to find comfort and face conflicts. If you’re interested in learning more or wondering if it’s right for you, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will give you a closer look into couples therapy and how it can transform your relationship for the better.

Let’s get started.

What Is Causing the Stress?

Finding the root of the problem is the first step toward a healthy, loving relationship. Even seemingly small things like not cleaning dishes can cause tension. Most of the time, couples tend to struggle with larger-scale issues such as infidelity or toxic behavior.

If you and your partner are constantly stressed, couples therapy can provide valuable help by getting to the root of the issue. As evident as the issue may be, it may surprise you to know that there’s more going on under the surface.

There are no wrong reasons to seek relationship counseling. Any couple can work on their relationship in couples therapy to build a strong foundation and prevent any significant issues from occurring.

Discover Healthy Agreement

As tempting as it is to agree with your partner for the sake of avoiding an argument, this isn’t the ideal strategy. You’ll want to learn how to collaborate. This is easier said than done, and couples therapy is a great way to learn how to communicate more effectively.

Your partner may have reservations about going to counseling. This is quite common. You can’t (and shouldn’t) force anyone to go to therapy, and in cases like this, you’ll benefit from individual therapy while you and your partner continue to work through your problems.

Knowing how to navigate disagreements can help you handle any frustrating conflicts that arise. After all, how many times has an argument with your partner gone in circles because neither of you could resolve it properly?

Empathize With Your Partner

When you’re with someone for enough time, you begin to feel very comfortable with them, and it may become harder for you to remember them as an individual outside of your relationship. Couples therapy provides humanistic approaches that will assess your values, beliefs, and other fundamental aspects of yourself.

These elements can be compared to your partners, and you can see where you match or differ. Different values could be the cause of your arguments, and it’s important that you recognize that. Therapy can help you see things from the other person’s perspective, and empathizing with your partner is crucial in a healthy relationship.

Part of empathizing with your partner is also building a foundation of trust. You don’t want to start keeping secrets from one another or feel worried that they’re pursuing other people.

Trust goes beyond infidelity; it’s also about feeling comfortable and safe with them. You want to know that they won’t hurt you emotionally or physically and that they have your best interests at heart.

How Does Couples Therapy Work?

Now that you know some of the elements that you’ll explore in couples therapy, it’s time to explore how exactly it all works. The first few sessions will likely focus on your history and any problems you want to solve. Prepare to answer a lot of questions about your childhood, your parents, your relationship, and your previous relationship.

Don’t be surprised if your therapist talks to each of you separately.

There are different therapy types, and the methods used depend on the style of your counselor and the approach they use. Everything from talk therapy to cognitive behavioral therapy might be used. The most studied type of relationship therapy is emotionally-focused therapy, which is based on the attachment theory and helps create interdependency for couples.

Be sure to ask your counselor what method of therapy they’re trained in and which is best for your situation.

Benefits of Couples Therapy

Now that you know what to expect in couples therapy, it’s time to discuss some of the benefits. It can be daunting to start counseling but remember that it might be necessary to help your relationship.

For starters, you’re likely to experience high levels of emotional satisfaction during and after therapy sessions. This is because you are getting the help you need and your therapist has the resources to make the most effective decisions.

You’ll also save time. Couple therapists have seen all types of relationships, from tiny conflicts to more complicated matters. This makes them equipped to tackle all types of issues that would be time-consuming and frustrating if you tried to tackle them on your own.

The goal of couples therapy isn’t to force every relationship to work. Therapy can actually show you if you were meant to be with your partner if you aren’t compatible. Answering these important questions can lead to greater fulfillment in the long term.

Take the Next Step in Your Relationship

Facing challenges in your relationship are common. Ideally, you’re able to work through them as a team. When that’s not enough, you may find that couples therapy can be helpful.

The right therapist will help you and your partner understand the root of your problems, find new ways to communicate and help you connect like you used to.

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